Thursday, July 31, 2014

Using spray paint to keep your theme cohesive!

Got back in my classroom again!  And this time I brought my husband and some spray paint.
I got the rest of my library bins on Monday and have been hard at work organizing them.  Once I stepped back and looked at them, I loved the colors, but wasn't in love with the chipping/peeling eyesore that was my bookshelf.  My husband, being the wonderful guy he is, came along with me today to spray paint my shelves so that they would match my other book case.

Above is the other book case that I found... hidden in the depths of my school's supply portable.  It's hard to tell, but that is actually a black metal cabinet.  I told him that I wanted the other cabinet to match and not be super shiny.  He knew just the stuff - GRILL PAINT.  Who knew this even existed?  Men.

Not only is it cheaper than most other spray paints (less than $4), it dries almost instantly!  My husband was able to do 2 coats in 15 minutes and I had all my book baskets back in there before 30 minutes had passed.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

 I was also able to get all my Science Weekly Five resources put together!  I LOVE using resources from The Science Penguin and these bins from Really Good Stuff matched perfectly.  

I'll be posting some better pictures next week!


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