Saturday, June 20, 2015

Writing Workshop!

As I'm anxiously awaiting the birth of my daughter (due tomorrow!) I can't help but think of things I'll need for my classroom next year.  One aspect of my schedule I want to change is how I structure my writing block.  At my school we have 2 full hours for ELA and I like to break up the time with workshop style centers.  My newest product is just that - Writing Workshop!

I designed this board to be used on a weekly rather than daily time frame. It provides a structure for students to accomplish their weekly writing basics, for you to conduct writing conferences, and still have time for more direct writing instruction. 

Check it out here:
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Friday, May 29, 2015

Forms at Your Fingertips!

I have been an organizing fool recently!  Must be that im 9 months pregnant and am in full nesting mode.  Not only am I organizing my house, but getting ready for the next school year as well.  Somehow I sleep easier knowing that I'll have less to do at the beginning of the year.  One project I have taken on is making some handy forms for my classroom.  

It started off with forms for orientation/open house and then went from there!  This pack includes over 40 forms, and I'll probably add more as I go.  This file is editable in PPT so you can edit as needed.  

Below are some pictures.  😄

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Operation Organization! Getting organized for the new year

I'm already in that mode where I want get organized now so the start of next year is smooth.  I'm making resources for my room next year that I can print, laminate, cut, and have ready NOW!  Once it's all together, I'll get group the pieces in bags or folders so I can just pull them out come August.  Below are some of the things I'm working on.

Next year I am planning on using this style of behavior chart.  I love how students can visually see when they are make good choices as well as the no-so-good choices.

Condensed size - good for vertical charts

Full size - good for horizontal charts.

I just love how these colors compliment each other, and the smoothness of the rounded square shape.


I designed these so that the name circles are separate cut outs.  I'll have velcro on the job itself and the other half of the velcro on the back of the name circle.  

You can mix and match different expectation cards with each level.

I just LOVE these!  I've never used a visual voice level resource before.  I would always just tell my students "Use your partner voices!".  Of course they would get loud and say they forgot about it.  Not any more!  Muhahaha!

I've used versions of hand signals for years and they WORK!  Now I'll be posting the signs in my room for my kids so it's more visual.  Within the product, I added various labels for each signal so you can mix & match the ones that you'll need.  :)

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Classroom Pictures! Neon and Awesome 80s

Welcome to my classroom!  I had fun doing a neon & 80s theme this year!  I love how bright & colorful it turned out.

When I first came into this room is was very sterile.  Lots of GRAY!  Here are some before pictures.


A plus to this room is that the gray boards (not white boards) are magnetic.
This is Bessie, the air conditioner.

I was blessed to have a smartboard in this room!  But again, GRAY BOARDS.  They're supposed to work with both dry erase markers and chalk, but both erase horribly.  I typically just use anchor charts with magnets up on them.

Plus:  Lots of cabinets!  Minus:  They're GRAY!

Here are some pictures of how I spruced up this room!

I used different colored borders around my back boards to make it more colorful.  Above each board are headers for the subjects.  Below them is my picture book library.

I used more borders around my front board and cabinets.

This view faces the door that leads to the bathrooms.  You'll also notice where I keep some of my chapter books.  I like keeping my literature in different places throughout the room so the kids don't crowd each other.

This is the view from the front of my room to the back.

I use a lot of The Science Penguin's resources.  This is how I organize my Science Weekly Five centers.

A close up of my chapter books.  Above them are my teacher toolkit and teacher editions.

Some of my organizational tubs from Really Good Stuff.  Made some quick labels for them and glued them on.

My schedule area.  I laminated the cards and then use a dry erase marker to write the times.

One of my bulletin boards...

Love my team sign fans!

I bought the fans at Party City for $1.99 each and then hot glued my team signs to the middle of each fan.

On my cabinets are some math posters from Ladybug's Teacher Files.  My Awesome 80s alphabet is above the cabinet.

So colorful!


This is my student station board where the kids can see schedules, jobs, and news. Schedule cards from Ladybug's Teacher Files as well.  😄

Student towers

Assignment baskets

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