Sunday, May 10, 2015

Operation Organization! Getting organized for the new year

I'm already in that mode where I want get organized now so the start of next year is smooth.  I'm making resources for my room next year that I can print, laminate, cut, and have ready NOW!  Once it's all together, I'll get group the pieces in bags or folders so I can just pull them out come August.  Below are some of the things I'm working on.

Next year I am planning on using this style of behavior chart.  I love how students can visually see when they are make good choices as well as the no-so-good choices.

Condensed size - good for vertical charts

Full size - good for horizontal charts.

I just love how these colors compliment each other, and the smoothness of the rounded square shape.


I designed these so that the name circles are separate cut outs.  I'll have velcro on the job itself and the other half of the velcro on the back of the name circle.  

You can mix and match different expectation cards with each level.

I just LOVE these!  I've never used a visual voice level resource before.  I would always just tell my students "Use your partner voices!".  Of course they would get loud and say they forgot about it.  Not any more!  Muhahaha!

I've used versions of hand signals for years and they WORK!  Now I'll be posting the signs in my room for my kids so it's more visual.  Within the product, I added various labels for each signal so you can mix & match the ones that you'll need.  :)

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