Sunday, May 3, 2015

Classroom Pictures! Neon and Awesome 80s

Welcome to my classroom!  I had fun doing a neon & 80s theme this year!  I love how bright & colorful it turned out.

When I first came into this room is was very sterile.  Lots of GRAY!  Here are some before pictures.


A plus to this room is that the gray boards (not white boards) are magnetic.
This is Bessie, the air conditioner.

I was blessed to have a smartboard in this room!  But again, GRAY BOARDS.  They're supposed to work with both dry erase markers and chalk, but both erase horribly.  I typically just use anchor charts with magnets up on them.

Plus:  Lots of cabinets!  Minus:  They're GRAY!

Here are some pictures of how I spruced up this room!

I used different colored borders around my back boards to make it more colorful.  Above each board are headers for the subjects.  Below them is my picture book library.

I used more borders around my front board and cabinets.

This view faces the door that leads to the bathrooms.  You'll also notice where I keep some of my chapter books.  I like keeping my literature in different places throughout the room so the kids don't crowd each other.

This is the view from the front of my room to the back.

I use a lot of The Science Penguin's resources.  This is how I organize my Science Weekly Five centers.

A close up of my chapter books.  Above them are my teacher toolkit and teacher editions.

Some of my organizational tubs from Really Good Stuff.  Made some quick labels for them and glued them on.

My schedule area.  I laminated the cards and then use a dry erase marker to write the times.

One of my bulletin boards...

Love my team sign fans!

I bought the fans at Party City for $1.99 each and then hot glued my team signs to the middle of each fan.

On my cabinets are some math posters from Ladybug's Teacher Files.  My Awesome 80s alphabet is above the cabinet.

So colorful!


This is my student station board where the kids can see schedules, jobs, and news. Schedule cards from Ladybug's Teacher Files as well.  😄

Student towers

Assignment baskets


  1. Super cute classroom! I am doing a neon and black theme this coming year, and I found a lot of inspiration through your photos. Thanks!

  2. Did you create the "What We're Learning" Signs? I would love to have a copy for myself, totally adorable.

  3. Hi! I am doing black on neon this year as well! However I am having a hard time finding borders, bins, etc. Where did you find all your neon stuff at???

  4. Great room! Are your basket labels in your shop?

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  6. I would like to know where you found neon borders also! Love your classroom!!!!

  7. Hi! I LOVE your room! Can I ask where you got your neon bins from? Thanks!