Monday, July 14, 2014

Back in my classroom & getting Math Workshop set up!

My classroom is my happy place.  Math is my happy place.  This board makes me unbelievably HAPPY!!!

It started off plain...

I added some pizazz with a tissue paper pom and some bunting...

The bunting I cut out from this paper pack I got from Michaels for $2.50!  

Then I set up my headings.
 I laminated those Must Do/May Do cards so I can write & wipe as needed. 

Then I finally put all the pieces together!  The teams are also laminated so I can switch kids around throughout the year.

You can find the printables in my TPT shop!  Just click the picture below!


  1. This board makes me happy too! Love it!

  2. What are the little cards at the bottom for?

  3. Where is your math workshop located? I can't seem to find it on Teacherpayteacher.

  4. Love your board! I purchased it and successfully edited it for Math. I would like to use this for reading as well. Could you tell me how to edit the big circle letters? It looks like they are images (MATH). I want to change them to READ for my reading rotations. Thanks!