Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Visual Vocabulary Discs for Landforms

So I'm home with a sick toddler today :(  When he's awake he's tearing up the house, but when he's napping I get to squeeze in some work!

In class we're going to be moving into earth science so I figured I'd get ahead of the game and make some visual vocabulary discs.

Each circle is 6 inches and prints in a separate page.  I laminated each and just trimmed the edges roughly.

I used my handy-dandy EK Circle Cutter and Mat to cut them.

Just place the circle cutter over what you want to cut and make sure it's centered.

Use the blade to cut our your circle.


I can't wait to use these!

This file comes with 25 landform discs that measure 6 inches each.  Included landforms:

1.  Beach
2. Butte
3. Canal
4. Canyon
5. Cave
6. Cliff
7. Delta
8. Glacier
9. Gulf 
10. Hills
11. Island
12. Isthmus
13. Lake
14. Mesa
15. Mountains
16. Oasis
17. Ocean
18. Peninsula
19. Plateau
20. Pond
21. River
22. Sand Dunes
23. Valley
24. Volcano
25. Waterfall

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