Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Organizing My Science Materials

So I have just finished organizing all my science materials FOR THE YEAR!  This past year was my first year in fourth grade and it took me almost all year to decide how I wanted to do my science block.  

About 7 years ago, our county purchased an AWESOME science program.  The following year the state changed the standards and our science program became basically useless.  :(  I think there are 3 chapters in the whole textbook that I can use...  This year I've supplemented with The Science Penguin's resources and I've loved it!  

First, I printed everything and as well as some covers for my binders.

I went ahead and laminated what I needed to and cut them ahead of time.  I sorted out the materials by unit rather than by product.

Next,  I created some dividers for my binders.  I used these Post-It labels & they were perfect.  

Then, I sorted all my materials into their sections. :)

I bought these 5.5 quart tubs from Home Depot and labeled them with my unit titles.  

There were some items, like task cards & science stations that I didn't want to hole punch, so I put them in their own sleeve or envelope and placed them in the base if the bins.  

For the covers of these, I pre-laminated them and them taped them to the front.  Inside are all the materials.

Finally, I just popped on the lids and was ready to go!  It feels so good to be ready for next year.  If you've never heard of The Science Penguin, head over to her blog or store - she's amazing! :)

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