Thursday, April 24, 2014

What we're up to - Geometry!

We are having so much fun in math this week!  One of my favorite topics to teach is GEOMETRY!  We're working on the basics first - lines, rays, and angles.  Next we'll be moving into triangles and quadrilaterals.  Below are some pics of what we're doing!

I introduce the topic of points and lines with a science connection to stars and constellations, a 4th grade science topic here in Florida.  Next, we read one of the myths of Orion and wrote about it.  My students had to write from the point of view of Orion's father.

 Next we went over some basic vocabulary with a PowerPoint and notebook page.  BTW - isn't this the neatest handwriting from a boy ever???

Afterwards, we did some practicing, centers, and took our quiz.  You can get all the resources from our day one lesson for FREE here.  :)

The next day we looked at specific kinds of lines.

I used long wrapping paper tubes to model the three kinds of lines and then the students used their organizer to create their own definitions.

I think they did a really good job with these!

Afterwards, we did a project I called Alphabet Soup!  I used our poster-maker to enlarge soup cans with different rules on them.  Then students had to sort the different letters of the alphabet and glue down only the letters that followed that rule.

We're having so much fun with this unit!  You can purchase the full unit from my TPT shop here!

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  1. WOW- that free download is awesome. Thank you!