Thursday, July 18, 2013

School is out of This World! New decorative kit & FREE POSTER!

So I've spent the majority of my morning working on a new classroom decorative kit for my space & alien theme.  I am really proud of this one!

Included pieces are:
*5 Posters - 8.5x11 inches
---"Take Me to Your Readers!"
---"School is Out of this World!"
---"Blast Off... Into a Stellar Year!"
---"Shoot for the Stars!"
---"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." - Neil Armstrong quote

*3 space ships in squares
---One that is 7x7 inches
---Two that are 3.5x3.5 inches

*1 Earth - 4 inches
*1 moon - 2 inches
*4 swirly/spotted planets - 3 inches
*1 planet with alien - 4 inches
*5 ringed planets in circles - 4 inches
*6 stars in circles - 2.5 inches
*Alien, cow, spaceship, and 3 rockets in circles - 2.5 inches
*6 aliens in colorful squares - 3.5 inches

Some Samples:

You can get the full file here.

I've also uploaded a free poster that coordinates with this pack.

You can get the free poster here!

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