Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Busy! Busy! Busy! New "School is Out of This World!" Products!

Whew!  It's been a busy couple of weeks around my house!  We went to NC a couple weeks ago and I must say my son did fairly well on the 10 hour car ride.  We stayed in Franklin and had a wonderful time!  There was this really sweet children't park that had a water-shooter-up area.  I have no idea what the actual name for it was, but Liam sure did enjoy it!
Water from the ground??  Cool!
Rawr!  I am king of the water fountain!
We also went to a family wedding in Milwaukee, WI.  That was my little man's first airplane ride!  Luckily for us (and everyone else on the plane) he slept most of the way.

Yes he's wearing a Florida Southern College shirt.  GO MOCS!

Anyway, back to the goodies!  I also uploaded a bunch of new space & alien themed products.  Click on the titles to go to my TPT store.  

Normally in my room, I pick one design and each child gets the same.  However, with these cute nametags each team can get their own kind.  It also works well when calling students to answer questions or line up.  "If your nametag has a purple alien on it, you may line up quietly." 

Team signs have so many different uses.  I know some people out there use signs that say table, but I really try to create a family classroom and calling them teams helps with that.  We always do team building activities and very rarely do I have issues between students in my room.   And no, my school is not in an affluent area where all the kids are good.  I teach at a Title 1 school in central Florida where several of my kids are below the poverty line.  Last year alone, I only had one child whose family was not on food stamps or some kind of federal aid.  All kids can learn, its just about how to get them to work together as a team.  

OK, off my soapbox:

I would use these larger signs to hang above each team with a cute pom or decorative piece.

The medium sized ones are great for labeling things around the room such as team tubs or team drawers.

The smaller ones work well for heading your games or scoreboards.

Yes, this file is EDITABLE.  Each school has so many different places that kids can go to and there was no way I could fit them all onto one page!  This file comes with the editable chart and a cute space rocket cut out with the word "HERE" on it.  You can put some velcro on that sucker to move him around OR (and this is what I do) hot glue the rocket to a clothes pin and move it up and down as needed.  :)

I love using student numbers!  I label their mailboxes, random sticks, book boxes, cubbies, etc.  These can also work on a calendar as your days since they go up to 36.  I also included some blank ones for you to use to label other things or just to decorate with cute stars.  :)

OK, I am super proud of this product!!!!  We do AR school wide and each week our librarian comes on the school news channel and tells which kids made it to different point clubs.  They get super excited, go get their prize, and then come back to the room.  I like to keep the motivation up by displaying in the room who made it to the different clubs.  This kit comes with headers for clubs 10 points - 300 points (we had a 4th grader last year with 456 points!!!), member cards for each student, a header poster, and AR book log.

Write the student's name in the white space, laminate, and they can keep it or you can post it below the 25 point club poster in your room!

I copy these front to back and each student keeps them in their AR folder.  At the end of each quarter they take them out and I add it to their data folders for progress monitoring.

How cute are these?!?!?!

My newest creation!  Included all the letters, numbers 1-10, and ordinals 1st-10th.

Hope you like them!

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