Sunday, October 20, 2013

Monster Mass! Student PowerPoint, Notes, and Comprehension Quiz!

Man, it feels good to be back!  Juggling a new grade level, new standars, new reading series, new math series, and my family was a lot harder than anticipated!  Now that our first quarter is over, I'm feeling a bit more centered with everything and got back to work!  My newest file is one of my favorites:  MONSTER MASS!

My class this year was really stuggling with the difference between mass and weight.  I taught it for 2 days and still nada.  I waited a week and then did this PPT with them and noticed a complete turn around!  Amazing what some animated monsters on a screen can do!  LOL
In an adorable Halloween theme, you can teach or review this skill while students take notes on the note-taker (perfect size for interactive science notebooks!). Afterwards, check for comprehension with a 10 question quiz.

PLUS!  To celebrate the new product, my ENTIRE Teachers Pay Teachers store in 20% off until 10/23/13!

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